Shanghai day 1

SWFC "The bottle opener" skyscraperNow having figured a way to blog from here despite the restrictions, courtesy of my sister, I will make it quick. Maybe the service will be shut off again, who knows? Last time I was here, the SWFC “the bottle opener” sky scraper was still being built. Now I can see it from my window, standing tall, ready to open giant flying bottles.

What I found out is when Shanghai first opened up to the rest of the world, in the height of its economic boom, a number of Japanese investors came to the city to commission these stylish buildings everywhere, offices, residential buildings, all amazingly daring in their architecture, very modern, despite some exceptions (there is one that Ross described as Stalin meets the Roman empire). But these are the exceptions, most of the buildings (like where they filmed Mission Impossible III) are amazingly reminiscent of comic book scenes, Gotham city in Batman for example. I love how there are so many outlandishly designed buildings that don’t really clash, they just blend into the outlandish skyline of the growing city. If you listen carefully, you can hear the Shanghai’s heartbeat going strong. The positive energy of building, producing, trading, doing, is almost palpable when you first land. Not a place for contemplation and relaxation this, it has the demeanor of a teenager as cities go. Full blast ahead, and no sleep foreseen in the near future.

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