Shanghai day and night

People in Shanghai, much like their New York counterparts, seem to have a permanent sense of purpose. Everyone appears to be in a hurry to get somewhere or eager to make a sale or to serve. Very serious salespersons greet you- the shopper, and things stay serious until you announce that this must be a “joking price” they are quoting. Then smiles spread like a tidal wave, starting with you, the salesperson, the other shoppers, the standers-by. The code word was uttered, let the haggling begin. Bargaining is a sport, you need to know the rules of the game, and once you do – including punching into the ever-present calculator an inferior price that you are ready to double without going too low as to look ridiculous – then shopping can be loads of fun. It has been raining since I arrived, so shopping was a good plan for day 2. We went to the kids’ market which unlike government offices and banks was open today despite it being a national holiday (China as a Republic turned 60 today). Last night we went out to Lounge 18 on the Bund (West of the Huangpu River, where all the historical buildings are) and then up to the famous Bar Rouge with the great (rain-soaked) terrace with a view of the Pudong skyline-the East side of the river where all the sky scrapers are. The seriousness of the daytime atmosphere is countered by a very relaxed mood once you hit the chic lounges, a cross between a trendy café and a pub, where music is played and happy hour means all you can drink and eat for 250 rmb or 25 euros. Can’t beat that. And the view – awesome. I love this city. We’re going out again tonight. I anticipate great photos if nature cooperates and the rain stops.

Bar Rouge

Bar Rouge

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