Free to write

Today I learnt that a friend-facebook friend-decided to leave his job and consecrate his time to creative writing. I felt jealous. I’m happy for him, but so envious of the courage and determination in a person that lead to taking such a life-changing decision. Surely you must have the luxury of the freedom -of mind and matter- to be able to dedicate your life to writing, but once you do, what a liberation that must be, from the mundane concerns of a day job and the marshlands of routine. Not everyone can create. The majority of us humans have to do the chores of fueling and oiling the machineries of life, but some enlightened ones (and here I am not talking about mediocrity in writing, but about wonderful artists of the word that inspire us when we come in contact with their words and thoughts), these select few are so lucky to be what they are, to produce great works of literature that shape humanity. Once one hears of someone taking a step in that direction, with no guarantees of success, guided by an unrelenting urge to write, create, inspire, a feeling of well being spreads in one’s veins, that the world is still moving in the right direction. Creativity lifts us up collectively above the worries and monotony of the mundane, the hardships, the weariness of everyday life and shines that little ray of promise of beautiful things to come, and a new brighter tomorrow. Such is art, and such is writing for the love of writing. Good luck to my friend, and may more of us catch his bug, his brave determination and the wild sense of liberty that comes from within. writing

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