Road trip with a moody girl

Renting a car in England was an impulsive decision taken when presented with the option while buying the airline tickets online.  I didn’t quite think it through.  I forgot that I would be driving on the wrong side of roads I knew nothing about, long stretches of alone time with an emotionally volatile loved one experiencing a major life transition with all the anxieties and mood swings that come with it.  On top of that, the snotty voice of the guy trapped inside the GPS was giving me directions that were ambiguous at best.  I was constantly reminding myself of staying on the left even when walking on the street that I am sure some kind of brain damage will result from the extreme effort.  Sasha, on the other hand, is 17 and anxious about her future. This has translated into an oscillation between talking non-stop while I attempted to concentrate on the “keep left” voice in my head as well as the snide orders given by Tim, the GPS man, and long stony silence interrupted by squeaky crying and whimpering while worrying about the next university interview.  Sometimes it is a blessing to delegate certain chores in life.  Taking Sasha around on this quest would have been one of the parenting responsibilities I would have gladly delegated.   I enjoyed celebrating with her when she passed her audition, having fretted about it for weeks.  But the fretting did not end there, it was replaced by more worrying about the next steps.  It seems that all my answers when asked for input were either wrong or “how could you say that?”.  This is the problem with being a parent.  No one gives you a job description, and there is no standard against which you are able to measure your efficiency.  So far, I was going by a cocktail of trial and error mixed with a sprinkling of common sense and a dash of humor.  I have no idea whether functional adults will be produced as a result of my efforts.  I know I am giving it my best shot.  Tomorrow  Sasha will watch episodes of “lie to me” on her laptop on our drive back from Liverpool to London.  I am so glad she will be adequately distracted, I need  the peace and quiet to concentrate on the GPS and the voice in my head.  I have two more kids to take through university visits in the distant future , oh boy, can’t wait.  I’ll make sure to keep left.

Manual for teenagers wanted

Manual for teenagers wanted

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One Response to Road trip with a moody girl

  1. mimo says:

    I love this! You are very brave to have done this by car with our beautiful Sasha next to you being herself 🙂
    I love the way you write…

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