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The Christmas feeling

I spoke to my parents on the phone yesterday.  We decided that my Mom will come and spend some time with us over the Christmas holidays.  That conversation took me back in time to my childhood Christmases in Byblos, when … Continue reading

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What I miss most about Lebanon (part I)

“When you finally go back to your old hometown, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood” Sam Ewing I realized when thinking about the subject matter of this blog that it would have been much … Continue reading

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A fine line

Yesterday we were at the farewell ceremony for someone close to me leaving the UN after many years of service in many parts of the world. What he said was “I leave the UN, still believing in the institution and … Continue reading

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Swiss time

I am still not quite used to punctuality. It is cultural. I grew up in Lebanon. The “inshallah” concept was the predominant time standard. Let’s say a plumber is called to intervene to solve a Lebanese housing emergency. If that … Continue reading

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black holes

I just arrived in Geneva after the red eye flight from New York. The passenger next to me, bespectacled, with a laptop and a serious attitude, started talking to me. Where are you from? Where do you live? How long … Continue reading

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people and trances

Trying to stand up on the back of a galloping horse.  That is the image falling in love evokes, and I have seen many lovers on this trip.  Young and old couples oblivious to the world around them, being in … Continue reading

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happy people

A train ride Whatever one feels about the US, its politics (disastrous at times), its excesses, its obnoxious and macho behaviour as a world power, it is hard to deny how colourful the Americans are.  Colourful in the sense of … Continue reading

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