Let yourself live the magic

There are four questions of value in life… What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.

Johnny Depp

He is quite deep for a beautiful actor, the amazing Johnny Depp.  We seem to somehow assume that beautiful people are not always deep and thoughtful.  I think this is a major misconception.  Some people are lucky to be both, breathtakingly good looking, with a sensitivity and depth to rival that of the wisest philosophers.  I have a feeling Mr. Depp is one such person.  And I have met others like him.  They surprise you with their quiet, sensitive perception of the world and its people.  They see things with much more feeling, they reflect, and when they tell you what they think, you are pleasantly astounded.  That’s so beautifully said. Why didn’t I think of it this way?

Some people are lucky to be naturally able to appreciate things that we take for granted, seeing beyond the face value, going into the heart of things to revel in the beauty in everything they touch, hear and see.  The majority of us, however, are so busy making sense of our daily lives, we often forget to stop and look around.  We abandon the child in us, we stifle the wondrous way we used to look at things, we neglect to be goofy, and not take life too seriously all the time. We forget to be more human and less machine.  We tend to concentrate on what we have or don’t have and are oblivious to the people, things, nature, music, happiness, beauty all around us to make it all a blur as we zap in and and out of offices, obligations, shopping, chores, and the maze we are put in to keep running after the quest that is our modern lives.  Success, recognition, possessions, wealth, things, things, and more things, these are our preoccupations, at a time when we should be looking to nurture our sense of amazement at everything we are experiencing, we are living, we are doing.  Our modern times stifle the imagination, where everything is instantaneous, quick, do it right now, let’s rush, we can’t be behind, under pressure.  We are stressed to the point where we can’t even enjoy our loved ones.  We often don’t even wait to find love, we go with the flow. Whatever works to be fitting in, satisfied, successful.

It is official.  Most of us have lost the sense of wonder that we had as kids, and that the likes of Mr. Depp still have as adults.  This is the feeling that you have when you see a perfect rainbow and you wonder for a second if there are dwarfs mining gold at the end of it.  This is the sense of awe you are filled with when you are hit by a breathtaking sunset with every shade of pink, red and orange that exist on God’s earth.  This is your breath caught in your throat when you are faced with so much beauty, you are not sure you’re not dreaming.  This is the smile you give to a complete stranger when you both notice the same thing at the same time, and exchange the least expensive and most effective of human communications. A smile.

How often do we smile nowadays? How often do we look people in the eye, people we meet everyday, the doorman of our building, the driver of the bus, the grocer, the checkout girl at the supermarket, colleagues we barely know.  How many people do you meet on a daily basis? How many of those people do you know the story of?  Where did they come from, what are their experiences, what  have they accomplished, what are their dreams , what color eyes they have?

I don’t think we are a hopeless case as a species. Far from it.  I think we have a great potential to make miracles happen, as long as we retain that innate love of magic in us.  We need to keep allowing love to be the most important aspect of our lives.  When we love, we are whole.  Humans are meant to love, and if we don’t we become warring, angry, selfish versions of who we are, we lose our sense of who we are, of our humanity.  Loving a neighbor, loving another, loving music, art, literature, nature, our future, our earth.  As long as we don’t trivialize and trample on love, we have a chance to do what it takes for our collective future and for our own brand of magic on earth, and beyond.

Deep Mr. Depp

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4 Responses to Let yourself live the magic

  1. Mark Siegel says:

    Brigitte, something amazing is going on with you. 2010 is going to burst, boom, bloom and explode with art for you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks brigitte i agreed wholeheartedly – love it is 🙂
    vanessa x.

  3. brigittekm1 says:

    Thanks Zein. Huge decision. Please keep me posted.

  4. Zein says:

    Wow Brigitte….the feelings and urges you have described above are exactly what I’m feeling these days! I took one week off from work last week(and was soooo excited i had a week off), and spent it in Lebanon…I felt so homesick and despite the fact that it was raining all week..I just wanted to drive around everywhere just enjoying and dreaming of the rain and clouds, the sea and mountains, the snow and the smell of nature(BTW the only years I lived in Lebanon were 81 – 85). Everyone thought I was crazy!

    When I returned to work I told my Boss I wanted to quit! He thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted time to do the things I really miss….we’re still negotiating 😦

    Take care & keep posting…

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