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One love, one life

I posted this video on my facebook page yesterday and would like you to listen to it on the blog today.  I love this song, the two performers are impressive, each in their own right.  U2’s Bono is not only … Continue reading

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Le chocolat (not boring)

I visited a ‘chocolatier artisanal’ in Bougy-Villars near Geneva yesterday and today I am posting the photos from the expedition into the tasty treat land.  About a hundred flavors of hand made chocolates in a tastefully decorated shop that makes … Continue reading

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Le chocolat

This morning I am going with two friends to a chocolate place in Bougy Villars, a little town in the Canton de Vaud in French-speaking Switzerland near Geneva.  This place is supposed to be “the” place to go to for … Continue reading

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The Purple Rose of Cairo

One of my all time favorite filmmakers is Woody Allen.  I get how he thinks, I like the way he writes his movies, how he treats human behavior and human nature, and how his imagination takes us places where no … Continue reading

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Digital vs Print (the age of the iPad)

I have been, like the rest of the connected world, bombarded with news of the iPad, the new product released by © Apple computers yesterday, that is a cross between an ipod and a macbook. The hype was so great … Continue reading

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Praying was a topic of discussion in my family recently. It came about in an unrelated conversation as we are not religious at all, nor do we know how religious families are supposed to behave. Our only religious ritual on … Continue reading

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Roots in the sky

This is a homage to the victims of the Ethiopian airliner that crashed off the coast of Beirut on January 26, 2010 We Lebanese are everywhere. Go anywhere on the globe (I’m not sure about outer space) and you will … Continue reading

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What dreams may come

You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period ~ The Pursuit of Happiness __________________________________________________ DREAM OF ME Let me sleep … Continue reading

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Goodbye, actually

I saw the movie ‘Love Actually’ again lately.  I love that movie.  It beautifully showcases eight different ways of loving, of getting together, and of special relationships between lovers, heartbroken people getting a second chance, friendships, spouses choosing to slip … Continue reading

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On love and school

I was thinking back to what we learnt in school and how that shaped who we are today.  I was trying to have that conversation about Math with Sasha (who hates math) as she sees no value whatsoever in what … Continue reading

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