Smooth sailing

I haven’t slept for a while, and I mean a while.  I have had one hour here and there, but the eight-hour snooze stretch seems like a distant memory.  I just came back from Lebanon this morning.  I was quite excited to come back.  I am the World’s most nervous flyer, ever.  I can’t stand the sensation of no control in a plane.  Yet I have to fly and I fly.  A lot.

This morning, I actually would have grown wings to fly to Geneva.  My most cherished people are in the city.  And God cooperated.  It was the smoothest flight I have ever taken, no bumps, no annoying passengers, no delays, fantastic take off and landing, and for entertainment… wait for it…. “THE HANGOVER”.  I was laughing out loud, as I do when I see that movie.  No matter how many times I watch it, I still laugh with all my heart at the hilarious twists and turns in the plot.

I came home and my three year old Monya was beside herself with excitement to see me.  It feels so good to be loved and wanted, especially by someone so sweet and pure. I missed my room, and my familiar surroundings.  I am so happy to have lived in Geneva for as long as  have, it is such a great little city to exist in. Inspiring, calm, and offers little jewels of places to experience when you least expect it.

Tonight I go to dinner with my Scandinavian best friend.  A lot of catching up to do.  Tomorrow we go skiing on French slopes.  How bad can life be when based in Geneva?

Ok, my friends, I am anchored here for a little while, to write and finish a pending job.  Hope you have a productive start of 2010.  Go skiing if you can.  It’s great in the outdoors. Have some vin chaud on the slopes, it is good for the soul.

But first, I go downtown to my dentist. ughhh.

Geneva one winter

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