Inhale, Exhale, Repeat

The last few months have been a roller coaster ride. I have never ever been on a roller coaster after my first ride. I can’t stand the feeling of loss of control, part of why I hate flying. Physical roller coasters are a kid’s game when compared to life’s elaborate rides.

Picture it. You are minding your own business, existing, doing your thing, mundane, every day chores, responsibilities, work, family, friends, day in day out. You experience little thrills here and there, mainly caused by amazing kids in your life, and friends being wonderful people that make living more about human encounters than surviving, sometimes a little satisfaction in your job, a trip where you discover something new about yourself and people around you, that sort of thing…

And then, KABOOM!!!! Something happens. Out of the ordinary, a new injection of life, out of nowhere, an inspiration, a book, a person, a song, an encounter, and life takes a sharp turn, like a plane banking hard and giving you that thrilling mix of excitement and dread. You close your eyes and wait for it to happen, whatever it is that is happening, out of your control. Those people in the cockpit of life, the ones responsible for your destiny are driving this thing, and you are a hapless passenger. I imagine them dressed in silver space suits, sitting on fluffy white couches, with giant screens with many windows, flipping with their remote controls with golden buttons, to alter people’s lives at random, for fun. Some of their work deliverables include serendipity, chance encounters, sending little cupid with his laser gun to hit people in the heart and make magic around the globe. They send their winged minions to inspire great artists and thinkers, and it all has a Eureka feel to it, when you finally see what you’ve been staring at your whole life.

When that happens to you- and if it hasn’t happened yet, I hope it does soon- your whole take on the world changes. Everything around you acquires new texture, color, depth. You see nature in a new light, with new eyes, you appreciate beauty in every nook and cranny. A clear sky hits you with its deep azure color, you stare at the great expanse above the planet and wonder about the cherished people in your life under that same dome of blue. Are they noticing the sky as you are? Are they okay? Are they thinking of you as you are thinking of them? A night sky is even more potent, the moon, red Venus in the distance, a shooting star.

In our lifetime, this short blip of existence when compared to light years of the Universe’s life, it is the meaningful sudden revelations that make the journey worthwhile, no matter how short. Living life to the full, with every speck of your being, feeling love, passion, friendship, loyalty, connecting to other creatures, laughing till your sides hurt, crying when overwhelmed, just feeling it all, reacting to the truths that make up our short unique lives.

A few people I love are flying today. I wish you all a safe journey and Godspeed. Andy have fun in London’s West End. Mimo, I know you are so happy going back to China. Sorry I didn’t get to see some of you. I know we will rectify that soon.

Close your eyes after you read this, think of this coming year and how you are going to make a number of the things you do more worthwhile, by giving it your all.
A demain.

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2 Responses to Inhale, Exhale, Repeat

  1. What if I told you that you were one my main inspirations in everything I write. You and the other two minions.
    I love you so much.
    Thanks for reading me and liking it.

  2. Sasha says:

    Mom I’ve been reading all your blogs because I
    miss you so much and this one is absolutely amazing, one of my favorites. I love you please never stop writing you’re so brilliant and inspiring.

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