When your heart aches, think “hope”

With news of disasters, misery in the world, abject poverty, killings, injustice, threats of war, blind terrorism, it would seem odd for us to feel anything but hopelessness at where our world is heading. But we don’t. We humans are optimistic and positive creatures. We thrive on positive energy, on faith in what tomorrow might bring, on overcoming adversity, and on hope. What would the alternative be if we didn’t? Life would not have been the same on the planet had collective sentiments of misery and hopelessness taken over the world and its inhabitants in the dark ages, in the time of the plague, during the two World Wars. We seem to continuously bounce back and think of our tomorrow, and how we deserve to be happy in spite of everything.

One of my favorite scenes in a movie is the ending scene of Gone with the Wind, where Scarlett O’Hara is standing in front of a burning house, after the love of her life left her, after losing her child, and says:”After all, tomorrow is another day”. She was not delusional, she was not stupidly naive, she was simply exhibiting a true human trait. Hope.

No matter how our world forsakes us, how nature batters us, how loved ones let us down, how life treats us, we are born to keep looking forward, having our eyes and our hopes pinned to our tomorrows. We still need to go on living, to fall in love, to dream, to produce children to carry on life after we move on to the big beyond. We are a positive species, and for that I am thankful. No matter how much our hearts are broken, and how much misery we go through, we still are able to laugh, to enjoy beauty, to dream of brighter futures and to live for the love of life. That thing called life that unites us with our universe, that thing that races through our veins, making us all one, causing us sadness when it slowly seeps away from our bodies and the bodies of our loved ones at the unfortunate and inevitable end. We see death all around us, every day, in newspapers in the obituary section, our grandparents, our parents, loved ones, friends, victims of atrocities and disasters, accidents on the road, in plane crashes, in hospitals. Yet we go on living, enjoying life, laughing, loving till it hurts, losing ourselves in love, in art, in music, in life. We live, knowing full well that a high speed train is on the track coming our way, not knowing when, but its track is set, and it is unstoppable, and with that realization alone we should be depressed and desperate to change the inevitable – the only absolute truth- but we don’t fret over it. Not usually. We take it as a natural part of life, we live with the realization that everything has to end, and we enjoy our days.


Without it we would not be a human race. It is our God-given blessing to keep us going, dreaming, loving, and living. What would we have done without hope? I don’t even dare to think what the world would be like without it. Thank God I don’t have to.

No matter how heartbroken you are, how disappointed in a fellow human, how hurt you feel, how crushed, how desperate, know that tomorrow is another day. You will love again, you will live till the rest of the days in the calendar drawn for you by divine hands. You are a human being, and you are filled with that blessed feeling called hope. Enjoy your days, live, love, dream, smile, be happy.

It is darkest before dawn. I would like to believe that. I hope you always do.

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