Why write? PMS thoughts

If I had a penny every time I asked myself that question, I would go buy myself a new Montblanc Starwalker fountain pen with the transparent cap top (http://www.montblanc.com/products/cool_blue_cool_blue.09976.php). I am finding that the more I write, the more reflective I am getting, removed from the world I should be getting my inspiration from, interacting with, reporting on. What a lonely profession, writing. You and your writing elixir, a black aromatic liquid, quickly losing heat while you type. You find that you end up drinking a lot of cold coffee in the process. Writing is one thing you cannot separate yourself from once you start the act of putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, it is like a catholic marriage. Bonding for life, come hell or high water, forever joined, till death do us part. Oh boy, I am in one of those moods this morning, a resigned and angry sort of mood. Maya Angelou says that while bitterness festers and hurts, anger burns everything clean. I am as clean as can be today, all angry.

I am in a state known to womankind and their hapless partners in life as PMS. You all know it, men mark it on their calendars to try and coincide it with business trips, conferences, anything that will get them out of the immediate vicinity of the woman suffering from it. Yes, suffering. We do not seem like we are suffering, inflicting pain and acting all bitchy, but we really are. We hate to hurt the people we care about, even if they are men. PMS in my Lexicon stands for Pretty Mad Silliness. We act silly in a mad way. Anything can make us react, in a not too sane way, and we get too whimperishly emotional, and we need our fix of chocolates. Men in our lives should ask us about our chocolate preferences, then these men should go to the specialty chocolate store we love (Auer or Rohr) and get us our favorite stash, hide it in the house and whip it out when we make a drama episode about the car keys not being in their usual place, or a message not answered, or why the weather is grey (shooting accusing looks at our men). Bring out those chocolate almonds and you avert a major crisis.

So, back to writing after giving you the preceding valuable biological, behavioral information.

What I find is the most inspiring for me when I want to write is to read something inspiring, or to talk to someone whose words get me thinking, dreaming, creating. I’ll tell you another writing secret. I go for a drive for inspiration. I know it is not great for climate change, but I do try to combine it with drives I have to take to get my little one from school, or doing the grocery shopping (which I hate doing with a vengeance), or going out to dinner, whenever I need go somewhere by car, I put the music on, and get inspired while behind the wheel. You can see me,  that woman with glazed eyes driving around Geneva, narrowly avoiding incoming traffic because all of these thoughts that come crashing through the windshield and into her head-my head. I can literally feel the whoosh of thoughts clamoring for entry into my mind, I soak it all in, and then I forget to write the beautiful images down. Every single time. I forget. I have my voice recording app on my iPhone, but I think it is stupid to talk into an iPhone and listen to yourself later. I don’t like the sound of my voice in any case. It is quite a dilemma as you can clearly see. I’m still looking for a trap for all those creative thoughts and ideas.

So, writing. I can’t stop doing it, even if it means being alone for hours, thinking, re-thinking, analyzing, turning things around in my head. When I am out in the world in general, I am often listening intently to interesting people I know or new people I meet, capturing pieces of their wonderfully witty words, intending to use them in a novel I am writing, and then forgetting to write them down. Every. Time.

What am I trying to say here? Well, since I totally messed this blog post up with my hormone-induced rantings generated by a chocolate-deprived brain, I think I will finish it that way. Too late to recover now, and it is time to post my blog anyway. I have been procrastinating since yesterday night, and now I have to finish this post for the sake of consistency and “constance” as my Swiss/Italian/French friend says.

I hope you will not judge my writing based on this blog post. I feel I am on the edge though, almost diving tied to that bungee elastic, I see the guy pushing me, and the free fall is about to commence, so I can’t delete it even if I wanted to. And besides, since writers are supposed to reveal every single side of their personality and character and inner self, I think it is about time to engage in that. Well, here it is.
Enjoy the show, laugh all you want.
I need those chocolate almonds. Now Now Now.
If only

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12 Responses to Why write? PMS thoughts

  1. William Sole says:

    Blogging keeps me insane. Keep up all the positive work. I too love to blog. I found this one to be very informative

  2. Alberto says:

    Very interesting, funny and… true! The problem with us men, is that, even though we do understand the pms process, women just don’t understand how much damage the things they say or do hurt us! To be frank, when pms-ing, women bring everything against us in a very personal manner.
    – ‘Could this be pms or something else?’ we tend to wonder?
    And this brings confusion, disorder and chaos into our lives, which will eventually turn to doubts and instability.
    As men, we hate surprises, we hate changes of course. We do plan, and go for it, following the shortest path, which between two points is a straight line. And here you come, unwillingly of course, and bend this line to create a curb, where none of the points remain in their correct or calculated position. As men, we cannot afford being moved into unknown territory, and this creates panic.
    But then, this is not the worst.
    The worst happens when women start with nonsense accusations, cornering us: on one hand, if we don’t reply, they will understand their accusations as true, and hell breaks loose.. on the other hand, they cannot accept that we reply, and when we do, pms regains control and takes the lead!
    I disagree with Prexus; being next to a woman in this state doesn’t help, she won’t be in the mood to understand it that way, and at times, she will think we are defying her. This will only create more panic. Going for a business trip is the best thing to do.
    Bottom line: for us men, pms is like the devil taking over the person’s soul, and no exorcism will do! Only time will.
    But still, we do love you. This is the most important part to keep on remembering. Love is the only reasdon that keeps a man hanging to his woman. And this is what women should understand: for us to overcome that period and stay is the best proof of love. Maybe after all this is God’s reason for pmsing! Just a reminder for both that we still love and are loved back.

    • Dear Albert,
      I laughed out loud when I read your reply. Of course the business trip is the best solution, I totally support you on that one, especially now that I am not possessed any more, I am in a reasonable state of mind. Thank you for reading and for commenting.

    • Well said and you absolutely have a point when it comes to the “out of control” state of a girl during that time. With that being said, that would likely be the path of least resistance when it comes to dealing with the ladies. Hey, to each their own indeed! I just like to be around to provide some TLC and I generally don’t “say” much.. I just do stuff for her while she’s not in a good mood or in pain. I suppose every girl is different too, their “appreciation” portion of their brain still hasn’t been possessed yet and I can tell that although she grumpy and in stabbing-pain that in her eyes shows a “big thank you.”

      Although the reason I stick around is also a bit biased since I’m the type of guy who loves the beauty of menstruation, so perhaps my opinion can’t be applied to your “regular guy.” I think because the girls I’ve been with tend to be the type who just sit there, moan and groan all day over trying to start fights… they’re generally either in too much pain or don’t even have the mood to really pick on me and that’s probably why I have a much “softer” approach to this. If I had girls who were like the ones you described, it is likely I’d be running away too or at least wearing a groin-cup as I walk around the house.

  3. Paola says:

    The best thing I’ve ever read .

  4. Andy. says:

    LOOOLL!! I love it 🙂 Good work!

  5. I completely “lol”ed at the comic…. I definitely agree guys would be more sensitive if they really knew the pain girls have to go through and all the “adverse” effects and inconveniences.

    Not ALL guys like to avoid their female counterpart… I actually like to be around so I can be there for her, to take care of her, bring her food/drinks, cuddle up and let her take your emotional frustrations out on me… that’s what a loving partner is all about, together for better OR WORSE – haha.

    • Well, that’s refreshing, guys that don’t run away when we are all daggers and swords. You’re an inspiration, you should run workshops training those other clueless men.
      Thanks for your comment, and for reading my post.

      • I’m not sure how many men would truly want to attend something like that, lol – either that, or I’d be boo’ed off stage once I started talking. Men’s perspective on menstruation is still very negative or even to the point of disgust. I hope I can be an inspiration for other men and that’s why I created my blog in the first place – to hopefully portray menstruation in a different light to males and perhaps try to break the typical male thinking of what periods are really all about. It’s a long shot and I’m not sure I’m going to touch all that many people, but hey, everything starts with a first step! If you know guys who need their mind reworked on this topic, feel free to send them my way XD

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