What dreams may come

Byblos dreamYou got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period ~ The Pursuit of Happiness



Let me sleep

for when I sleep

I dream that you are here

You’re mine

And all my fears are left behind

I float on air

The nightingale sings gentle lullabies

So let me close my eyes

and sleep

The chance to dream

So I can see the face

I long to touch

to kiss

But only dreams can bring me this

So let the moon

Shine softly on the boy

I long to see

And maybe when he dreams

He’ll dream of me

We’ll hide beneath the clouds

And whisper to the evening star

They tell me love is just a dream away

dream away, I’ll dream away.

So let the moon shine softly

on the boy

I want to see

And maybe when he dreams

He’ll dream of me

Sung by Kirsten Dunst on ‘get over it’


If you can imagine it you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it. ~William Arthur Ward


Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake? ~Leonardo da Vinci


Nor do I hear in my imagination the parts successively, I hear them all at once. What a delight this is! All this inventing, this producing, takes place in a pleasing, lively dream. ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


I have a Dream. ~  Martin Luther King


Do you know that place between being asleep and awake, where you still remember your dreams? Thats where I’ll always love, that’s where I’ll always wait for you. ~Tinkerbell (Hook)


In my dreams

I’ll always see you soar

Above the sky

In my heart

There will always be a place

For you for all my life

I’ll keep a part

Of you with me

And everywhere I am

There you’ll be

~There You’ll Be by Faith Hill in ‘Pearl Harbor’


So many times we are taken aback by the power of our dreams, of our imagination, we are almost ashamed of being in that state.  “Get back to reality” we tell ourselves, “feet on the ground, what is it with you and those flights of fancy?” we admonish ourselves as we look at our reflection in the mirror while brushing our teeth hurriedly in the morning.  We have a life to live, things to do, chores to complete on our ‘to do list’ and yet we just woke up from a wonderful dream that we dragged on to our morning minutes of wakefulness.  We so did not want to let go, we wanted to bring it to life and blend it with our real world.  How many dreams have you had that you wished were real? How many times have you imagined yourself to be somewhere else, with someone else, doing things that made sense to you, that counted in the grand scheme of things?  How many times have you been your own worst critic? Can you count how many times you talked yourself out of what you dreamt of doing this year alone? Convincing yourself that what you wanted more than anything in the world was impossible, unattainable, and you told yourself to forget it, it’ll never be?  Forget that other people judge dreamers and people with a wide imagination, they even label them as ‘dreamers’ in a derogatory, condescending way, dreamers are sometimes their own worst enemies.  Yet dreamers are what brought us here as a human race, in art, music, inventions, poetry, humanity not losing its touch and its soul despite the horrific things some of us have done to the world. We have peace after wars, solutions to intractable problems of humanity all because of people who dare to imagine solutions and dream of a better tomorrow.  It is those dreamers, those with limitless imagination that make our world interesting, adventurous, positive, when we look at their example, their attitude of ‘nothing is impossible’.  You have to dream it, envision it, then be it, and do it.

I have woken up from a restless sleep this morning, after having been dreaming a dream that was so outlandish, it made me smile.  On lingering on my dream came the shocking realization of how I regularly  stifle my colorful, daring dreams, my most precious wishes in those dreams, for the sake of what fits in reality.  I have been trained by work, my kind of schooling, and practical, rational people I have interacted with for a long time, that dreaming is a bad thing, a frowned-upon notion practiced by, well, dreamers.  Do I have the guts to stand up and announce that I am proud to be a dreamer, that my dreams shape who I am and who I aspire to be, as a person, as a creative being, as a mother, as a friend, as a living, breathing, coffee-drinking, feeling person that has the guts to think out of the box and dares to imagine what life could be had I followed my dreams since forever?

What do we require to make that leap? To believe in the power of our imagination, the palpable possibilities of dreams that may come? Do we dare to be who we aspire to be? Or do we get beaten down by the creaking grinding machinery of life as we have come to know it and abide by it? Do we dare live our dreams? Do you?

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3 Responses to What dreams may come

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is it when we have a nightmare we search for different clues and live in fear for the next couple of days considering it a warning of an awfull thing to hit us soon? and when we wake up from one of these beautiful dreamy dreams all we do is smile in the morning and finish the day as usual without giving it another thought…at least this is what I do…ummmm sad…

    PS: Im officially stalking ur blogs now 🙂

  2. nadineroumieh says:

    “I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.” — Harry Emerson Fosdick
    Beauty resides in the mystery! We enjoy our dreams more than we enjoy reality. Same as the Baby blues, calm after festivities, fear after success…. So it’s wanting and longing that’s keep us alive and not having and living.
    I always feel the need to sleep more so I can dream more. But after years of trying, trying to live my dreams (I even wrote them on a diary), I gave up. Because I know the minute I will start living them I will lose the curiosity! Or I call it the imagination; my savior from emptiness and boredom. I will not give up my dreams to the ugly machine called Brain! It ruins passions, coincidence, and love stories… In dream I can see him, feel him, enjoy him! It’s only because in dreams I value him more, and in Reality I didn’t want him! It’s the mystery!

  3. The Shouly says:

    Dreamers’ Pride!

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