Crazy and Devilish love

Here I am, in a fun-loving city alone on this commercial holiday that benefits florists and greeting card makers.  I’m off to observe people and have coffee in one of the many cafés dotting the Madrid Flea Market called ‘El Rastro’.  El Rastro means the trail, as the market was near the abattoir where they killed the animals and then dragged their carcasses to the waiting wagons that went to the meat market, leaving a trail of blood along the streets. Thinking about what makes this day what it is when I woke up this morning, I decided that two songs summed it up for me, this recurring question: what is love?

One is by Billie Holiday “that ole devil called love”, and the other by Queen “crazy little thing called love”.  I love both songs and believe that they sort of explain all that is unexplainable about love.  It is an uncontrollable emotion that is  somewhat devilish that takes control of you, in terms of possessing you – exorcist style – and it is crazy as emotions go, you lose control when you are in love, and basically act like a fool.

So, have a happy sunday, especially to all you fools out there, enjoy listening to the two songs I chose.

Off I go to the streets that used to be trailed with blood, nyahaha.

courtesy of Daniellexlove

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