Scary wishes

“There is often less danger in the things we fear than in the things we desire.”  ~ John C. Collins

“Be  careful what you wish for”. We often hear that warning. We think about it. We then ignore it. We often wish for what we can’t handle, and sometimes our wishes come true.  I am trying very hard not to wish for something I know I want so much it hurts. I also know it is not something I should have. It is not a situation that fits with anything else I happen to have or to be living.  I should stop wishing for it, it is scary to contemplate it as a reality. Yet I still do it. Day in, day out. It comes to my mind with a regular predictability.

It is not our wishes that are dangerous to us. It is when we do not consider the implications of what we are wishing for from all angles, yet persist in willing it to happen. I was given a documentary movie yesterday called “The Secret” about the power of the mind, how you can bring what you wish for to life by thinking like you already have it. I am therefore trying not to think of the central theme of my wish, and avoiding all imagination relating to it. What if it comes true? Then what? It is really too unsettling to me to imagine that I already have what I wish for. It would turn my life upside down, and I don’t know if it will be for the better or for the worse, because I haven’t given this matter too much thought.  I am going with my feelings, my aspirations, and not thinking of the repercussions of getting my way and realizing my dream.

Our minds are powerful tools. We rarely use them to their full potential. Ask any professional whose title starts with “psych” and they will tell you. Our minds are also dangerous weapons of control. They can lead us to all sorts of places, play with our reality, dream up all sorts of imaginary places and lock us in them, distorting our perceptions.  We also use them to control others, mess with their minds, alter their reality, their self perception. Observe human relationships closely for a manifestation of mind control. If we happen to fervently wish for an out, from a situation or reality, we often find that in our mind we paint an unrealistic rosy picture of where we are going to end up, only to be blown away by the reality of the  place we land in.

The trick is not changing our situation through wishful thinking, but changing ourselves to be able to deal with our situation and get out of whatever difficulty or stagnation we are faced with.  It is the effort we spend on changing our attitude and upping that dose of determination that will make a difference in our lives. Going to a place we have envisioned and planned with lucidity and bettering ourselves in the process of getting there.

I am too much of a philosopher and psychologist today. I spent part of last evening discussing existentialism and the power of the mind with my amazing eldest daughter. I think it beats talking about makeup and shoes. Don’t you?


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