Listening to Leona Lewis singing “Stop crying your heart out” and writing my post. I love Leona Lewis’s voice and sentimental interpretation of each song she sings. I am finalizing all my administrative procedures as of today for my mission to the Emirates. It is a step that will be quite drastic in terms of taking me away from Geneva, my home and the kids for several months.  The challenge of the new job and environment will keep me busy, I am sure. But I am still feeling overwhelmed with the fact that I will be away from the ones I love.  Of course there is skype, but can that replace the sweet scent of a child burrowing into the space between your neck and shoulder in the morning with hair all tousled and eyes half closed? It will be a change, both positive and not so much.  I will be on my own, family fending for themselves away from my constant care and attention. And let’s not forget about my obsession with worry. I tend to worry a lot about the people I love.

I got to think about that recently, when I thought someone I care about was hurt. I feel like my soul is wounded if one of my loved ones is hurting, sad, aching in body or soul. In situations such the one I am in these days, uncertainty and trepidation, I tend to recall the healing cures of two of my favorite people. These two women can heal you without really meaning to. They just make it happen. One is a sister who lives in China. Ever since she was little-she’s two years my junior – she always had this contagious sense of wonder about everything in the world. She dreamt differently. Extremely sensitive, she would quietly cry when hurt, especially by the bully that was me.  She moved to New York at a young age, and when I would see her there or back home at our parents’ house, she would always have this ability to glaze ordinary occurrences and objects with a magic spray that would make them feel different, more beautiful. She even convinced our youngest sister to have pet rocks and asked her to listen closely to them as they tend to say things, but that was just a mean thing she once did. 🙂

My kids adopted her as their favorite go-to person and cool relative when it came to art, stories, fun stuff, and little magical things she would spin for them. She is incredibly calm, always centered, kind and funny when not worrying, and she does have her fair share of worries.

We once took my two little girls to swim in the river in Westchester County in New York. On walking back to the car  as the day was ending, we had to traverse a thick canopy of trees. It got noticeably darker as we entered the thicket. All of a sudden, what seemed like a moving cloud of fireflies was all around us. Blinking. On. Off.

WOW. The kids were in awe, standing open-mouthed. We were all looking around us in wonder. My sister was softly talking, addressing the kids, her voice was coming as if from a distance. “These are fairies that live in trees”.  Wooooow. The kids were soaking in the magic, so were we. There was something really special about the way she calmly described what we were seeing in her composed but excited voice, imparting her sense of wonderment to all of us, making us believe at least for a little while that fairies could exist, that we were surrounded by magic if only we stopped and looked. She is a person who can convey that sense of amazement, of a belief in the existence of what the eye can’t see.

Another member of my family, the youngest bewildered sister and previous proud owner of the talking pet rocks, was born with an innate sense of humor that could make you laugh till you cry.   She doesn’t even try, she’s just naturally hilarious. She also appears lost sometimes. Waif-looking, wide-eyed, expressing herself with her hands like all mediterraneans, she often seems dreamy until she opens her mouth and cracks you up. Everyone tells her she should be a stand-up comedian, or a sit-down one, ha.

After a series of missed planes and many farewell parties recently  to see her off before she left Switzerland for the Middle East, she finally had one last farewell gathering in a water pipe bar in downtown Geneva. After drinking many mint teas in the moroccan place, we went out to the car where she did a hilarious improvised skit in the middle of the street which I filmed. She was making impressions of various characters taken from gangs and the street scenes in the US. She had us all in stitches. I was not allowed to show the movie, but I will show parts of it without her knowing-when the time comes. That girl is too funny for words, and we are lucky to have her as part of our family, mainly as the comic sidekick to each of our lives’ dramas.

The comedian

The fairies' friend

I am so lucky to be related to those two women. They make things seem more beautiful and magical when they are around. Like many global families, we never seem to be in the same place for more than a few days a year. I miss them and I miss being with them. I am so proud to be their big sister (I get to order them around because of that).

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3 Responses to fireflies

  1. Anonymous says:

    I too have experienced the laugh until u cry moments with the comedian and those were the best days of my life
    Oh how much i miss u the shouly

  2. THE Shouly says:

    Oh Brigitte, how I love you so! Let’s just say y’all provide us “comedians” with a whole lotta material! I miss you, you magnificent specimen of a woman you!
    I feel like the day God created you, he must have been in an extremely adventurous mood… “Hmmm. A woman. I will make her creatively beautiful and beautifully creative. Strong. Smart, no, brilliant. And just for the heck of it, I’ll make her very very stubborn”. Teheeee!

  3. faarapu says:

    Wow. This one touched a sensitive spot. As a fellow Aries I, too, feel the pain of my loved ones. It’s worse than my own pain. I’ve grown weary of being so far away from my loved ones. I’m planning to have my own commune, kidnapping everyone, and bringing them to it!

    Turns out that another friend of mine will be in the Emirates for the next 6 months or so as well so I’m going to see if it’s feasible to head that way later in the summer.

    Safe travel to you and I’m sure that there will still be great Monya stories via Skype to tell!

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