Sights and thoughts of Lebanon


I miss it.

I can’t stand going there at times.

I love it.

I hate missing it.

It is home.

It is the place where I feel like a child, a stranger.

It is the Lebanon of my ancestors.

It is the Lebanon, the victim of those who oppress it.

Those I dislike, those who trade with its flesh and its future.

It is the land of my Lebanese family and dearest friends.

The chaotic.

The noble.

The generous.

The good.

The fiery.

The disillusioned.

The turbaned.

The veiled.

The skimpishly clad.

The artistic.

The proud.

The not so proud, selling their homeland.

Those not worth mentioning, but then I do mention them and I get mad.

My Lebanon transcends all that is transient for it is immortal.

They come and go and get broken on its rocks like mindless waves.

Those that think they own it will eventually go.

It alone stays.

We will all go, and it will stay.


Some shots I have taken that remind me of what I miss. Everyday of my life.

[Here is our Fairuz singing about a disagreement having lasted more than anyone cared to admit – she’s lamenting the fact that two lovers were mad at each other for far too long, tried to forget each other but couldn’t. A la Lebanon and yours truly]

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10 Responses to Sights and thoughts of Lebanon

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  2. archecotech says:

    Brigitte, I came across your blog while searching about thoughts about Lebanon for my blog. With your permission I’d like to link this post to what I call Mirror Reflections, it’s my way to try to connect countries and people. You can have a look at my blog and decide if you’re okay with it, please let me know. Thanks.

  3. Tyler says:

    I just hoped to just take a few minutes and inform you that I enjoyed reading the write-up.
    I really don’t believe most people know how many hours of hard work that goes into establishing a good blog website. I am aware this is sort of random nevertheless it bothers me occasionally. Anyways outstanding article.

  4. mimokhair says:

    It is moving! You made me eat zaatar this morning woman!

  5. Tina says:

    Lebanon – the beautiful and the ugly are both so “in your face” there. I love it and miss it. And when people ask me why I love it so much, why is it that I find it impossible to put into words why I do? I just tell them, “I dare you to go there and not fall in love, yourself!” One of these days, I will meet up with you in Lebanon!

  6. Mich says:

    Ohhhhh! You know I’d have to agree with it all… Yalla, let’s go… 🙂

    • Brigitte says:

      Just say when. I can’t wait to have a man’ousheh with Ayran in the morning, almaza with green almonds and a walk on the beach, just smelling the sea in Byblos, just a little bit 🙂

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