Moments of Happiness

I was recently having lunch at a Scandinavian Ambassador’s residence in Abu Dhabi. During the meal, the Ambassador’s husband was telling us how the best part of going to his country at this time of year is the cover of fresh grass that is rolled out in the forests, and the beautiful light green of the new leaves. He said happily that walking around the Northern European forests in the spring brought him so much peace and that we should all be jealous he was shortly on his way there.  At that same lunch was a German lady who is responsible for running the book fair in the capital. She said that the most beautiful aspect of nature in Europe was the same impossible shade of ultra light green covering the trees in the spring as they catch the light covered in morning dew as whole forests were waking from their long wintery slumber. She also mentioned that a friend of hers recently asked her to send a list of  her moments of happiness in an email, in which she included seeing the first green of the trees.

With unrest everywhere I look in the region in which I happen to be living and working, with news of people on both sides of the Atlantic going berserk with ‘End of Days’ mania, with food insecurity, environmental worries, that infamous man’s demise, burial at sea and promises of  bloody avenging disciples terrorizing our planet, with all that worry that seems to be engulfing me when I listen to the news, I started thinking of my own moments of happiness. Why don’t I write those on my blog (my long-neglected blog) and see where that will take me.

Here goes, my own ‘Moments of Happiness’- mostly from my childhood.

A lush spring meadow full of wild flowers of every color.

Gazing at the cherry and almond blossoms dotting the Lebanese countryside.

Walking home in the evening after a long play day, and being suddenly surrounded by a million fireflies, and just standing there, mesmerized and ignoring my mother’s calls to get home already.

The first snow fall. Eating the fresh snow from the tree leaves.

The unseasonal heavy snow fall that no one expected, and realizing that there will be no school the next day.

The first day of summer vacation.

The crunch of the first green almond nicked from the neighbor’s tree and dipped in salt (our own tree’s almonds just didn’t taste as good)

Mom surprising us with a picnic basket as she picked us up from school on a sunny afternoon.

Finding a 20 in an old jeans.

Thinking I lost a sneeze, then looking at the light, and having an even better sneeze than I thought I would have had.

Daylight saving working for me, and sleeping one extra hour.

The president dies and we get THREE days off from school.

Waking up to the smell of freshly-baked cake.

Mom surprising us with pancakes with extra syrup and butter, making the kitchen smell like heaven.

Getting to lick the cake batter from the bowl (especially if chocolate flavored)

Sprinkling sugar on corn flakes and waiting for the cold milk to be poured with great anticipation.

Winning at the ‘crack the egg’ Easter game.

Counting the money collected every New Year’s Day from all the relatives. We call it the bistraini

The smell of the new white leather shoes my parents just bought me for Palm Sunday. Yes, I had them on my pillow all night, loving the way they smelled.

Eating the season’s first hommaida (stems of yellow flowers we used to suck on for their delicious sour sap)

Dad buying us fresh bazella (green peas in the pod) from stands on the side of the road

Walking on the country roads with a bunch of freshly-uprooted green chickpeas, tasting the tangy salt of each pod we bit into to get at the tasty young peas, not a care in the World.

Climbing trees.

Swings. Especially while the other kids watched us and waited their turn.

That feeling when the swing is pushed so high I feel I touched the moon and left my heart up there.

Lying on the grass guessing the shapes of clouds with my best friend.

Rolling downhill on the grass.

Watching Chilly Willy and Smedley cartoons.

Finding a golden beetle to tie to a string and have my own private air show, with a matchbox as the hangar.

When it gets warm enough for my mom to finally let us eat the ‘Salem’ ice cream (famous in my hometown)

Mom not breaking the spaghettis when cooking them so we can slurp, making our faces-and clothes-red from the splattering sauce.

Jell-o. Cherry flavored, with cut up bananas in it, the way Mom makes it.

Creme caramel, with extra burnt sugar making it oh so good.

Being allowed to stay up late the day a visiting relative is brought home from the airport.

Being allowed to hold an empty 7 UP bottle and a glowing cigarette to light the fuse of the fireworks rocket on Assumption day.

When I blow the biggest bubble, and it covers my whole face when it pops, gum sticking to my eyelashes.

When I last the longest playing jump rope.

That special feeling when I am the most important kid in the World on my birthday. And the gift opening. Even when it’s the checkered clothes from my aunt.

Waiting patiently then removing the finally frozen popsicle from the mould.

Eating a lollipop till the end, and discovering it has a gum at the center.

CHRISTMAS. Fullstop.

Hope that made you smile. Do you have a list of your own happy moments? Do you want me to post it on my blog? Send it to me as a comment and I will. Promise. Or just post it on your own blog. You don’t have one? Make one. Costs nothing. Tell us what you think. You’re interesting, you know? Like everyone else in this world 🙂

Me, my sister and cousin on the snow in the 'Cedars'

Part two coming up…Don’t touch that dial.

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7 Responses to Moments of Happiness

  1. Andoudy says:

    -Being with my mom. ❤

  2. Jumana says:

    Watching snow falling from the living room window at my parent’s house

    Walking out after the first rain and smelling the damp earth

    Walking out on a cold morning in November (Jordan), tucking my hands in the sleeves of my sweatshirt and hailing a cab to university, the crisp cold air kissing my face

    Staying up all night waiting for my grandmother to come back from a long trip and sleeping next to her that night

    Collecting lady birds and caterpillars in the spring in Jordan

    Eating hot bread out of the bag just as you walk out of the bakery (only in Jordan)

    Eating hot falafel out of the bag and arriving with an empty bag by the time you get home 🙂

    Watching my grandmother cook

    Watching my daughter sleep

    Holding a newborn baby- fresh out of the oven!

    Sleeping in my own bed after a trip

    Turning the lights on on a christmas tree for the first time

    Feeling like you have a smile that lights the world for someone

    Being told you’re beautiful when you are feeling the worst

    Eating cold watermelon after a day at the pool

    My mom telling me I’m the best thing that happenned to her… even 30 years later

    Someone I respect telling me I write well

    Feeding a hungry baby

    Brushing my daughter’s hair and remembering my best uncle brushing my hair and singing to me as a kid

    Running through a water sprinkler and laughing like a kid

    • Brigitte says:

      Thanks for this. I forgot about the smell of the earth after the first rain. Brought back a warm feeling. And fresh babies, gotta love those teenie things-until they are teenagers, that is.

  3. Brigitte says:

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Have a happy day, every day.

  4. Selma AL Makzomy says:

    Sitting in front of the door waiting for mom to get back from work, because I couldn’t sleep before she gives me a good night kiss (when I was a kid).

    Going back yard and picking flowers for mom, before my dad would pick me up to spend time with them at work, when they would work the whole day.

    “running away” from the kindergarten, to buy an ice-cream across the road and come back.

    Dressing up in costumes for Halloween and participating in competitions in grade 4 for the best costume.

    Rolling down a hill in snow (when I was a kid) after preparing so much for it and convincing my mom I won’t get sick.

    Playing in the back yard when there was no internet, no technological toys, just sun, sand, wood, plastic containers etc.

    Going to the corn field and expecting something exciting to happen after watching the scary movie “children of the corn, 1984”

    “Exploring” our village in Croatia (which is extremely small) with my sister and cousin, by walking around and taking different streets, feeling like we are doing something big.

    Long (whole night) talks on MSN in high school.

    Going out with mom to meet my friends, when I wasn’t yet allowed to go out alone.

    Sending huge (more than 5 page emails) to high school friends who travelled abroad.

    Waking up late and then watching movies in bed after a stressful week.

    Awake the whole night being productive (working on a paper/research/studying), and the feeling in the morning after seeing how much I’ve done.

    Staying on the beach the whole day, swimming then tanning then swimming again then tanning again and so on.

    Staying at home the whole day or at the pool alone and reading a book.

    Reading a book at once until I finish it because it’s so exciting.

    Watching documentaries with my dad.

    Listening to dad talking about history/religion as if he’s Wikipedia.

    Going out, after not going out for a month or more because of exams at uni.

    Going shopping with mom cause I know she’s gonna add if I ran out of cash, and she ends up paying almost all.

    The feeling before my parents went out of town “we’re gonna do sooo much things!” and we (my sisters and I) end up being more innocent then when they are here.

    The routine weekends in grade 10 or 11, skating in the same place on Wednesdays and going to the same mall on Thursdays, every single week.

    Studying 10 hrs a day for IGCSE exams and the great feeling after seeing the results.

    Going swimming at night and a barbeque with best friends in high school.

    The feeling of seeing someone you miss after not being able to see them for so long.

    When I was able to see Angie (my best friend) for a day after not seeing her for 5 years. It was the most beautiful longest and shortest day.

    The feeling of recognizing an opportunity at the right time, knowing that it could have easily passed you by.

    The feeling you have spending time with someone you’re very close to and doing almost nothing but still having so much fun and preferring his/hers company over others.

    Doing a documentary with 3 friends in university about our favorite professor.

    Staying in the library, not to study but to hang around with friends and waste time.

    Exploring the library in university by going through different shelves, it’s like a whole new world out there.

    Staying in university to sit with friends after a long day, instead of going home.

    Knowing that there are people out there whit the same values/beliefs/dreams, even if extremely few.

    • Selma AL Makzomy says:

      Watching a movie with someone, and then falling asleep together.

      Cooking for friends.

      Swimming in the rain.

      Going out at 5 am.

      Falling asleep on the beach.

      Sleeping on the chest of someone, you have feelings for.

  5. Great post thanks for sharing. Your layout is excellent. I enjoy reading your articles all the time.

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