I believe in us

Guy Kawasaki tweeted something the other day that got me thinking. Some of you reading this will amazingly not know what tweeting means. I will assume that you all know who Guy Kawasaki is and what tweeting means and I will also tell you what he tweeted about got me thinking and feeling that I need to write a blog post. He basically posted on twitter that the sun flares we have been witnessing might not be of such a magnitude in 2012 to basically fulfill the Mayan prophecy of the end of time.

I don’t buy that the World will end just like that. I didn’t believe for a second what that looney Harold Camping in California predicted for this past May 21st, and he was wrong. Nor do I believe that the World will end next October, as he now predicts (same loon, different prediction).

I believe that we are here for at least a few more eons, and I believe in us as a crowd. Yeah, I know, we could be quite hopeless sometimes, look at what’s happening in conflicts around the World, look at Libya, Syria, Yemen. Look at the US eating itself to death while billions starve. We are not perfect, but nor are we doomed. It just doesn’t feel like the end of anything, I think it is now the beginning. The beginning of the age of machines, the ages of more inventions, the age of space exploration like never before.

We need to be like a mega version of IDEO and just think of where we are heading and what is the best way of getting there? Have you heard of IDEO? They are a wonderful outfit that is all about creativity and innovation using what could be called controlled chaosto innovate and come up with solutions that work.

I am writing this post while my five year old is busy downloading apps on her iPad. I did not buy her the iPad, I bought it for me, and the moment she laid eyes on it, she claimed it and took to it like a duck to water. Kids and machines are our future. We live in the age of nerds and gadgets, and it is these same nerds and gadgets that we should be counting on to bridge the gap between the obese and the starving. Between the have alls and the have nones, between gluttony and abject destitution, between us and the less fortunate us. There is no us and them, no matter what Dubilya used to say. There is always us. Humans. We need to get a grip. To think as one, to act as one, and to start thinking that we are as hopeless as our bottom billion, that famous bottom billion that is barely alive while some of us throw so much to waste. The world wastes a third of its food daily while kids go to sleep hungry and waste away from lack of access to what can sustain them to have a shot at being adults on this planet.

What am I saying here? I am thinking that instead of worrying about when this might end, like people suffering from a depression wasting their lives worrying about when they will die and forgetting to live, why not make the most of what we have now, and try to make things right, at least by doing our best to allow others the same chances we have. Fair play. An even playing field. Thinking of all humanity as ‘us’.

I believe in us.

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