Conversations with a dreamer

I have these meaningful talks with my kid.

Dreams on a beach

They usually go down when I’m driving my (now scratched) car on the highway, with my little one in the back, strapped to her seat and philosophizing about things in between ordering songs from the CD collection. Just for the record, her favorite song of all time is Low by Flo Rida. Don’t look at me, I didn’t make her like it, she just does, and she likes Jai Ho, and a few Niki Minaj songs that would shock grown men. But I digress. So today we were driving back from the vet where she terrorized a middle sized veterinary hospital in Dubai by touching EVERYTHING on display, including other patients, and asking the staff about every item she was trying and inspecting.

It was a long afternoon.

So anyway, we are driving back, and she is starting a conversation that I half expected after seeing her keen interest in an ugly Chihuahua owned by a group of perpetually stunned Indian teenagers who were trying to pretend she wasn’t there asking her gajillion questions about the rat-like creature. Oh, didn’t I mention that I loathe chihuahuas? Well, pay attention!
So, it went like this:
“I want a pup more than anything else in the world”
“We have a dog, he’s sitting right next to you”
“He’s not a puppy”
“He looks like a puppy, especially after this new haircut”
“I KNOW he is not a puppy, he is 9”
“Yeah well, we will not be having another dog”
“It’s okay, you don’t have to get me a puppy, I will look at a star and wish for a Chihuahua”
“Go ahead”
“I can’t find a star”
“Keep trying”
“Dubai doesn’t have stars. I tried to find one yesterday. I wanted to wish being invisible to kick the boys”
“Hmm, keep looking”
“You know, you can have anything you want if you wish for it. I know I will have a puppy. All I need is a star”
“Good luck, baby”

Don’t you wish we all had more of this confident conviction of a 5 year-old? Her blind belief in magic, in the intrinsic possibilities inherent in wishes and dreams?
If you dream, you are, you will be, you become. If you dream, you own the future. Yesterday I overheard someone saying “As long as we have dreams, we don’t really grow old”. Whoever dreams and continues to dream, to hope, to believe in the impossible, the unseen, the why not, will eventually stumble into the unbelievable, the stunning, the wow of this world.

I love my conversations with my little dreamer. I keep hoping it rubs on her pragmatic mother. Then we can both kick all the boys once we have figured out how to be invisible. Watch out, people!

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3 Responses to Conversations with a dreamer

  1. mimo khair says:

    Someone is finally talking sense in your home 🙂 Of course she can dream and of course dreams come true! I love her!! Lea has been kicking boys non stop and she decided to do it visibly 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful. I hope Monya will have many happy dreams in her young life. She IS a star, doesn’t need to look for one. Magda

  3. simge akel says:

    well you could tell Monya that you don’t have to be invisible to be able to kick the boys mrs pragmatic……… hellooooooo???!! p.s. I a-doooooore her from a distance and she could definitely be the wind beneathe anyone’s wings. she is one Baobab away from being my little princess living on her cute little planet talking to the man on Mars while wishing on stars :))) p.p.s: get her quotes into a book you lazy mom!!!!!! we need to be inspired! *hmpfh”

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