What’s for dinner?

Blog Action Day-Food


“What’s for dinner?”

You hear it in many languages around the globe every day. ‘What’s for dinner?’ A simple phrase we take for granted. We walk into our home, to our hotel, to a restaurant, and we either voice it or think it. “What’s for dinner?”

Chances are, you do it too.

You never even assume that the answer could be “nothing”.

Or that the answer could be a loud silence.

A silence so deafening, it drowns the sound of your shrieking stomach.


No home. No roof. No door. No family. No chatter about the day. No table. No chairs. No light. No food. No dinner.  

Welcome to modern day Somalia.

‘What’s for dinner?’

As the World that takes dinner for granted clears the dinner table, throws a good chunk of the leftover food in the trash, loosens its pants, belches from over-indulging, then slowly chews itself to obesity and an early grave, the other World of billions who hear the loud nothing every day silently ache for a chance to ask “What’s for dinner?”

Will we ever learn?

I wonder.

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4 Responses to What’s for dinner?

  1. caline chaya says:

    Brigitte, what a coincidence!..Henri just sent me the below article. keep wondering….

    From The New York Times:
    In California, Going All Out to Bid Adieu to Foie Gras
    In eight months, the sale of foie gras will be banned in California,
    putting the state on the front lines of the battle about force-feeding
    ducks and geese to produce the delicacy.


  2. caline chaya says:

    You are so right Brigitte. How unfair it is.
    Nations that literally throw food and others that literally die from hunger.

  3. faarapu says:

    I have to agree with Mimo. Sometimes, the best messages have a short, concise delivery and that’s exactly what you’ve done. Will definitely be sharing this!

  4. mimo khair says:

    incredibly powerful and straight to the point post! It sort of stops you in your tracks!

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