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La Dolce Vita

The Mediterranean basin dwellers always knew how to live. From Greece to Spain, from France to Lebanon, from Italy to Cyprus, every country touched by the Mediterranean flair has that special temperament with the typical fun and impatience common to … Continue reading

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The soda fountain of youth

“Do we all have to die?” my six-year-old asked me as I was putting her pyjamas on last night. Taken aback, I had to think fast and finally replied: “People usually die when they’re old. At the end of their … Continue reading

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Foggy sandstorm

A number of consecutive sandstorms has hit the UAE recently. Low-lying fog filled with suspended sand and dust everywhere you look. I was driving back from Abu Dhabi when it hit. It made the memories flood back. The first time … Continue reading

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Happiness to go

What does it take to be happy?  A combination of peace of mind, stability, security, health, family, friends, comfort, helping others, fame, fortune, and a good prospect of a successful future would seem like a good formula. This week I … Continue reading

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