Pizza in Space

pizza space station

Today I read the piece of news in the link above on twitter and it filled me with pride. I was proud of being human and of sharing the same planet with great people in the first world who are not only inspiring, but so full of good will and empathy.  I knew our planet will be okay, full of bounties that can be accessed by all, with brotherly and sisterly caring for the value of human life and its sanctity and that the future of our generations was our main preoccupation.

Yes, I am being cynical.

We live in a world where money spent on pets and their supplies and care including psychologists visits (!) is more than what we spend on humanitarian aid.  we live in a world where we deem for it to be okay to spend oodles of money on research to make guns printable at home so more people could be killed, than spend money on saving lives of children taken relentlessly by malaria, malnutrition or diarrhea. All preventable, all cheaply avoided. But the ‘poor’ world’s children cannot possibly be as precious as pets.

How on earth is having pepperoni pizza in space more important than the bottom billion’s children? You may have heard of the bottom billion. It is a chunk of humanity that lives in developing poor countries-they do not compete for jobs on the global market, they are the folks that have a low age expectancy, these are the people whose sudden death for any reason, man or nature-made don’t really feature in the global news as say manager Ferguson’s retirement did. Those are the people who die while making our clothes in shanty ill-equipped factories in Bangladesh, or perish in rickety boats trying to get to a place that can offer them a livelihood, those other people. Others we don’t see everyday, others who would give everything for a chance at what we take for granted, others who live on less than a dollar a day while the West suffers from obesity. Others who seemingly don’t count in the grand scheme of things.

Yet, while our brave explorers of the universe and beyond need a pepperoni pizza, we are safe in the knowledge that our scientists on earth have ingeniously figured out a way to print it.



Bangladesh disaster, a hug in the rubble.

Bangladesh disaster, a hug in the rubble.

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