About me

Me, with my favorite Paua NecklaceAn itch to write, create and entertain is what made me start this blog. I have written a variety of stories, sometimes during my work with the United Nations, like dispatches every Friday from Iraq while working as a humanitarian in makeshift offices in one of Saddam’s palaces in Basra. I also belong to the Geneva Writers’ Group (GWG), an impressive grouping of creative and positive artists who live in or around Geneva. The  GWG publishes “offshoots, writing from Geneva”, in which one of my stories about growing up in a war zone was included. I attended Robert McKee’s workshops on screenwriting and the New York Film Academy’s course on filmmaking in La Femis in Paris. I basically want to tell stories, some funny, some not, but always covering human nature and the things that make us tick.

I am additionally interested in international politics, especially in conflict zones.  I hope to be able to convey my take on what shapes policies in the Middle East, one the most complicated pieces of real estate on the planet.
I will write a lot about families, mine and others’, their dynamics fascinate me.

Yet above all,  my aim is to write about universal truths. Human emotions, especially love, in the larger sense of the word. Exploring why we love and how we sustain love, why is love important for us humans.  What is that array of strange emotions that overtake people when they love someone that they would venture into unusual places and situations to protect their loved ones or be with the one they love.  I am interested in what makes us who we are and how we can be better at it. How we can be better human beings.

© Brigitte  – 2009-2015


9 Responses to About me

  1. Marcia Westby says:

    Brigitte, if you want to reach me by other means than Instagram, here is my email. I live on a small farm outside of Rochester, NY.

  2. Andrea Salame says:

    Hi Brigitte,
    I am Andrea, the German, from the Environment Information Center in Beirut.I love your photographs from Lebanon. It would be great to connect with you again. Great to see you still got all the spark from back then. How do you manage to keep up such a blog!

  3. Racha Akil Bassoul says:

    Hi Brigitte…”OH MY GOD” is the way to describe my reaction when I fell on the article about you in the latest “Main Gate” issue. I would love to connect with you!!!!
    Racha Akil Bassoul ( from Montreal! )

  4. Suha Matar Bizri says:

    Hi Brigitte, followed a FB thread accidentally and ended up on your blog. You still look as an outgoing happy 20 year old as I used to know you back in AUB (Nutrition and Dietetics). I was recently threading a needle and remembered my Teta as well. I hope we will still have their energy once we reach their old age.

  5. richard says:

    Hi Brigitte, the booklet is by Mike Dash: “The Story Of The World’s Most Coveted Flower & The Extraordinary Passions It Aroused”. Saw singing Sasha (or Sasha singing) soul on Youtube and like it; I am safely back home and will drink a glass of Founex tonight. Doei Richard

  6. wissam says:

    Here is a note i left for your sister : Shu wli, i seriosuly think that your sister should write a book ! wow, read the whole thing word by word, the descriptions are amazing, in every subject, the writings are too capturing to just scroll down and not read anymore ! Please thank her for making me an unproductive person at work today ! hehe…

    I dont know u, but im shouly’s friend, Thanks for such wonderful writings, u made me miss things about lebanon i never did ! Please keep posting more….

  7. Paula says:

    Brigitte, Cant wait to read you! You must be popular with Paolas and Paulas! Coincidence? Dunno. Have a great trip. xoxo p

  8. Paola Baldi says:

    Hi Brig, can’t wait to follow you through your writing!
    bon voyage and please do make a daily entry for us all to read. I love the way you write! Paola xox

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