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ISS vs ISIS ~ Worlds away

The acronyms of ISS and ISIS get mixed up and interchanged in my mind when I am reading my newsfeed on Twitter. The two sets of letters are so similar yet what they represent can’t be more different. I was … Continue reading

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Urgent message to Arabs: Invest in education and scientific research

Image credit:  www.francescatosarelli.com Image credit: wvegter.hivemind.net I was looking for this article published by Hassan Hassan in Abu Dhabi’s English newspaper ‘The National’ in 2012 and have just found it again.  Hassan’s article is a response to a similar one published in … Continue reading

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My voice counts

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Today is Human Rights Day. 64 years ago, a drafting committee chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt finalized the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document that took two years … Continue reading

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It’s in the stars

We have an abundance of starry nights here. Consider what came out of this region. Three religions, truck loads of philosophers, astronomy, poetry that is so stunningly beautiful and rich you want to cry, a thousand and one nights, epics, … Continue reading

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