“Loyalty cannot be blueprinted. It cannot be produced on an assembly line. In fact, it cannot be manufactured at all, for its origin is the human heart-the center of self-respect and human dignity.”


“A jack of both sides, is before long, trusted by nobody, and abused by both parties.”

I have been contemplating the origins and premise of loyalty a lot lately.  Yesterday I saw a Youtube video (below) that moved me to tears as it was a manifestation of what being loyal was like.

True loyalty emanates from dignity and integrity and it is essentially having a person’s back, especially if the person in question was the one who stuck by us and helped us get to where we wanted to go.  Funny how some people will readily abandon those who helped them and pushed them to succeed without any ulterior motive, to gain favors of those who use them, but who they perceive as the next best thing on their way to a better career/social life/etc…

In Arabic there is a wise proverb that says: “اتق شر من أحسنت إليه” Loosely translated: “Be careful of the evil that will befall you from those to whom you have done good.”  And another Proverb: “إن أنت أكرمت الكريم ملكته و إن أكرمت اللئيم تمردا” which translates: “If you are good to a good person, you own him for life but if you are good to a mean person, he rebels against you”.

Proverbs and words of wisdom carried over from one generation to the next and repeated by our ancestors must have originated from the wise, gleaned by observing human nature.

Our ancestors were right, loyalty is not something you can invent or instill in someone. It is born out of their character, integrity and self-respect.  If it is not inherent in the person and what makes them who they are, it will never even make a dent in their life.

Then why bother?  I guess when you spend so much time and effort genuinely liking someone, helping them out and rooting for their success, you actually believe at a certain level that they were worth it.  It is hard to write someone off, someone who stirred in you sparks of friendship and yes, loyalty.

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2 Responses to Loyalty

  1. Rod Ward says:

    The powerful life force that that forms the synergy shared by Jonathon and Charlotte was known to ancient Persian scholars and most likely the birth dates of this wonderful couple are also close. The only correction that may needed is for full term calculation. The beauty of nature when carfully observed can raise the condition of life.

  2. ~mimo~ says:

    that was so moving to watch!!! amazing post!

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