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I used to heave
To my temptations
Ready to leave
For flesh is weakest

Thirst and Frustration

Leaving my peace
Forgetting my truth
For a release
The hazards of youth

Ever Seeking elation

And then Time after time
My detours deterred me
Till I saw the decline
And what lay before me

I saw what was not yet there
Saw my own rise and demise
Kingdom awaiting her wandering heir
Following shadows in disguise

Seeds of deception sown wide and afar
Ties of lies sewn at the seams of this war
The war that hasn’t ceased a day from the beginning of time
The ageless battle between light and night

We are all covered by the darkness of night
We are all illuminated by the Sun’s light

Sacrifice like the sun,
become your own star
burning itself
To sustain those close and far

Everything under the sun is bright except…

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3 Responses to Growth

  1. shoulisms says:

    I love you sister of mine ❤️

  2. sylviegiossi says:

    Merci Brigitte! C’est beau… je t’embrasse


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